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Object Automation,Technology Solutions company specialized in designing and developing Artificial Intelligence based Hardware and Software solutions to solve Business challenges. Our vision is to develop a solution for our customers with current trends and latest technologies to make timely and reliable decisions for critical business discovery.

Our mission is to transform the Enterprises, Government and Universities with a new generation of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Solutions.

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Technology Solutions for Industries and Academia

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About us

We offer with knowledge on futuristic technologies.
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Our Offerings

Our organization offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions across various sectors. Here’s a breakdown of the tech offerings:

1. Technology Enablement and Centers of Excellence in Universities

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2. Onshore/Offshore Development

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3. Research Solutions

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These initiatives not only strengthen academic and professional partnerships but also foster innovation and practical skill development in critical and emerging technological fields.

Office Address

Object Automation System Solutions Inc
9500 Gilman Drive,Atkinson Hall 
Office No.2805 La Jolla,
CA - 92093.

No 1,Nehru Street,
Co-Operative Nagar, 
chennai - 600088.
Phone : +91 7397784815
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IBM Career Education Program

Ganesan Narayanasamy, Founder and CEO

Ganesan Narayanasamy is a leading AI and High-Performance Computing expert, providing AI-powered solutions across industries like financial institutions, healthcare, and agriculture. He leads technology enablement and development services, and proposes research solutions for governments and industries. Narayanasamy's work improves operational efficiencies, enhances predictive capabilities, and drives innovation in these fields.

Sandhya Palani, Business development and Operation Director

With more than 13+ years of experience in professional business development, she is a specialist in improving policies, processes, and frameworks. She is excellent at multitasking and thrives at fostering relationships, resolving conflicts, and inspiring people. Her background aids in the growth of numerous clients globally.

Sri Kamani, Technical Lead Executive

15 years experience as Technical Lead Executive, she has successfully integrated technology solutions with business goals. She is fluent in several programming languages, such as SQL, Python, C, and C++. Her expertise in IBM Watson, Gen AI, and LLM helped her to assist numerous clients in the enterprise AI and data science stack.



Object Automation presents "Exploring New Frontiers" A Workshop on Generative AI and its Applicatons,SRM Institute of Science and Technology,Ramapuram campus,July 1-5 2024


Object Automation presents Industry Academia Connect,Oasis Restaurant,28th June2024